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Over the past 5 years of our photography business, we have had opportunities to photograph quite a few things from births to weddings.  Each one of these experiences has been truly amazing and has helped us learn and grow, not only as photographers, but also as individuals and as a husband/wife team.   These years have also given us time to develop our style and to really explore the type of photographers that we are and who we want to become.  And as we hit our 5 year anniversary in photography, we now have a better understanding of who we want to be as artists.  Let me explain: A little over 2 years ago, it hit me very suddenly that our kids (ages 4 and 2 at the time) were not babies anymore.  They were growing and changing so quickly and I knew it wouldn’t be long before they were “all grown up.” I realized that this time in our lives when they look up to us like we are their heroes and their entire world revolves around us would pass by all too quickly.  I got sad that there would soon come a day when the unsolicited ”I love yous,” big squeezy hugs and sweet little kisses “just because” would be fewer and farther between.  In the back of my mind, I would sometimes think about how amazing it would be to have a photographer in the room with us during a Saturday morning snuggle session just snapping away as we did our thing – talked, laughed, snuggled, hugged and kissed - documenting our relationship and togetherness.  Or to have someone there in the middle of a lazy weekend tickle fest capturing the time unfold through the lens just so I would never forget the looks of pure delight on our faces or the sounds of our laughter turning to cackling that would fill the entire room.  It was around this time that I also started to soak in all of these moments a little bit differently than before.  Since I knew that life was so crazy, unpredictable and fast-paced, I made every effort just to stop for a minute and almost step away from myself so that I could make sure each of the things that I never wanted to forget would be made into a memory.  I would concentrate on how they looked all little, warm and snuggled in my lap, how their skin felt so soft nuzzled against mine and how their hair would tickly my lips as I placed gentle kisses on top of their heads.  I would pause to breath in the intoxicating scent of their freshly bathed hair or the maple syrup that was left over from breakfast or that sweet smell of fresh air mixed with little boy that can only come from a long afternoon of playing outside in the warm weather air.  I would close my eyes to take away all other distractions so that I could focus on the feel of the embrace of their arms wrapped around my neck and their little hands clasped in mine.  And that laughter.  I had to make sure that I would always be able to remember their giggles and squeals so I would hug them close so the sound would fall directly into my ears. As I would sit back and reflect on these things, I knew that I wasn't the only one who so desperately wanted to hold tight to these moments.  I knew I wasn't the only one who would some days wish that time would slow down so that our "babies", our everythings could just stay exactly the way they were for a little bit longer.  And this was beginning of the turning point in our family photography sessions.  Each session that we have had in our business since then started to evolve into something that we wanted to give back to the families that we worked with – pictures that could not only see but also "feel," "hear" and even "smell."  Images that flooded their hearts with their own "Saturday morning snuggles" or "lazy weekend tickle fest" memories.  Images that filled their ears with the sounds of their children's laughter and the reminiscence of exactly how it felt to be back in those precious times.  We started to move beyond a place of trying to get the perfectly posed, formal looking images with everyone looking and smiling right at the camera into capturing the emotion, relationships and personalities of each family.  There was something magical that started to take place between the way we worked as a team and how families were responding to what we were doing during sessions.   There was something special about them.  Something special about the way they made us feel when we shot them and something special about how the families felt when they saw the resulting images.  And then we knew – shooting families was OUR thing!  It is what we do, what we are good at and what we really and truly LOVE.  It lights us up and fills our spirit.  So with that, we decided to make more room in our schedule for families and make family photography our specialty.  Even more than that, we decided to incorporate the use of video within our family sessions because sometimes memories are more than just pictures.  And family video fusion session is so incredibly unique and something that you will never, for one second, regret having to look back on. We couldn’t be more excited about our new direction!!!!!  We hope you like the little “face-lift” we have given ourselves. We are starting fresh with a new site and new blog. We are incredibly blessed to be doing what we do and cannot wait to see where this journey will take us.  But most of all, we cannot wait to work with YOUR family.  xoxo  (P.S.  If you currently have something on our schedule that is not specifically a family session, no worries.  We are still happily looking forward to our time with you!)  And just because it seems weird to make a post with no photos, I leave you with a little collage of some of our favorites from a family session last fall.  (Be on the lookout for some more blog activity in the future as some family sessions that were never officially blogged in the past get to take center stage on our new site.)
March 24, 2013 - 9:26 pm

Rachel Aberle - Perfect!

March 24, 2013 - 11:44 pm

Judy Spurgin - such color and sweet pictures.

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