Meet Jen & Brent

Image courtesy of Uppercase Photography.

She's a fireball of bubbly energy.

He's full of witty charm.

She's got a friendly smile and a contagious laugh.

He's got dimples that make her knees go weak.

He likes electronic gadgets.

She rolls her eyes at him but secretly likes them too.

She is sometimes technology challenged.

He is her computer genius.

She likes Apple.

He likes Android.

He makes her laugh.

She drives him crazy.

He snores and she makes him roll over.

She snores and he lets her sleep.

She is a "paint by the numbers" kind of girl.

He likes to color outside the lines.

She thinks he hung the moon.

He thinks the same of her.

She is living a dream.

He makes that dream vivid, colorful and wonderful.